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 View code online Diamelle Technologies Suite of Enterprise JavaBeans - Components on iPlanet Application Server 6.0  Viewed   1779 times
  Building applications and services based on EJBtm components helps companies achieve e-commerce success by implementing standards-based services more rapidly, and with greater reliability and scalability, than with proprietary methods.  Date: 6/2/2004

 View code online Comparing Sun ONE Directory Server with Microsoft Active Directory  Viewed   1639 times
  This paper explains the differences between Microsoft Active Directory and Sun[tm] ONE Directory Server (formerly iPlanet Directory Server) in terms of the standards they support, the flexibility they permit in a changing business environment, and the roles they play as network operating system, enterprise, or e-business directories.  Date: 6/2/2004

 View code online JavaTM 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition Adoption  Viewed   1620 times
  The Sun[tm] ONE Application Server (formerly iPlanet Application Server) fully supports the J2EE specification including JavaServer Pages support for presentation logic, Java Servlets for server side logic, Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) for core business logic, and JDBC for access to relational databases.  Date: 6/2/2004

 View code online Technical Reference Guide  Viewed   1668 times
  Based on an "open tools" strategy, application development for the Sun ONE Application Server platform can be performed with a number of different toolkit options.  Date: 6/2/2004

 View code online Enterprise JavaBeans Components. The Building Blocks of Web Services  Viewed   1706 times
  Using EJB components dramatically simplifies developing, deploying, and maintaining smart Web services. It enables developers to focus on the specifics of programming their business logic - their core expertise - while relying on various backend services to provide the infrastructure, and client-side applications to provide the robust user interaction.  Date: 6/2/2004

 View code online Wireless Access to Portal Contents & Services  Viewed   1584 times
  The Sun ONE Portal Server: Mobile Access Pack 3.0 (formerly iPlanet Portal Server: Mobile Access Pack 3.0) extends the capabilities of the Sun ONE Portal Server and provides access to the personalized content and services provided by the Sun ONE Portal Server from any device.  Date: 6/2/2004

 View code online Sun ONE Unified Development Server  Viewed   1429 times
  This paper is discusses the interoperability options between systems developed in the Sun ONE Unified Development Server (formerly Forte[tm] 4GL) environment and the Java platform.  Date: 6/2/2004

 View code online Code Fast, Run Fast with XML Data Binding  Viewed   1548 times
  XML Data Binding for the Java 2 platform aims to automatically generate substantial portions of the Java platform code that processes XML data. Data binding applications will be small and fast, suitable for server-side applications and other applications where processing efficiency is paramount. And, since the Java platform is vendor-neutral, those applications will run anywhere.  Date: 6/2/2004

 View code online An XML Data-Binding Facility for the Java Platform  Viewed   1487 times
  Sun Microsystems has undertaken to provide basic support for XML in the Java[tm] platform. The proposed facilities include both an event-driven, SAX compliant parser and an implementation of the W3C DOM (Document Object Model) parse tree API. This is a critical first step, but using these fairly low-level APIs does require a moderately sophisticated understanding of XML.  Date: 6/2/2004

 View code online Portable Data/Code: XML and Java Technologies  Viewed   1623 times
  This paper provides an introduction to XML and explains how it benefits the enterprise. It expands on these benefits by explaining the cooperative environment formed by integrating XML and Java technologies into a solution. Readers familiar with XML may want to concentrate on the sections that specifically deal with the discussion of using XML with Java technology.  Date: 6/2/2004

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