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 View code online Scaled Image  Viewed   6207 times
  Display a Scaled Image within a given label. The size of the image will be the size of the label. Larger images are compressed and smaller images are expanded.  Date: 8/10/2003

 Download code in zip file JFolderChooser  Downloaded   5975 times
  A reusable Java visual bean ( GUI ) toselect folders.  Date: 7/4/2004

 View code online Display time in Applet  Viewed   673 times
Display system time in Applet's text field.
 Date: 6/8/2003

 View code online Student & Libary database using file& Swing  Viewed   8195 times
  a unique database using only files.  Date: 6/4/2005

 Download code in zip file A scoping example  Downloaded   4430 times
  A scoping example.  Date: 4/8/2003

 Download code in zip file Drawing Shapes  Downloaded   5633 times
  Drawing Shapes.  Date: 4/8/2003

 View code online Exam Analysis Programme Using JOptionPane  Viewed   4088 times
  Analysis of examination results. where 1 = pass and 2 = fail. Analyzes for 10 records.  Date: 31/7/2003

 View code online Recursive fibonacci method  Viewed   3745 times
  Recursive fibonacci method  Date: 31/7/2003

 View code online JTextPane Attributes  Viewed   4107 times
  Describes some of the advantages of JTextPane Attributes  Date: 31/3/2004

 Download code in zip file Guess Your Birth Day!!!!!  Downloaded   2200 times
  This application will predict your Date of Birth. Download and Enjoyyyy the funnn.  Date: 30/8/2007

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