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 View code online Encrypt or Decrypt using JCE  Viewed   1564 times
  Encrypt or Decrypt a given string using using JCE  Date: 7/1/2008

 View code online Disable Right Click  Viewed   3402 times
  disable right click with no alert or anything it very fancie  Date: 20/3/2005

 Download code in zip file PasswordProtection  Downloaded   5836 times
  This program will allows the user to lock the folder so that nobody except himself can access it and it can also encrypt and decrypt the file I have included code and exe in the zip file.To run exe you must have installed Java Runtime Environment in your computer.  Date: 11/11/2005

 View code online Signing an applet  Viewed   4402 times
  Signing an applet. Follow the steps below to sign an applet in J2SE 1.4  Date: 1/9/2003

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