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 Download code in zip file InstantChat  Downloaded   3820 times
  By using this program multiple users can chat with each other  Date: 7/4/2007

 Download code in zip file Hot Java Browser  Downloaded   5713 times
  Hot Java Browser is a very low capability browser, which can only send GET type requests to the server. But this shows how browsers actually working.  Date: 7/4/2007

 Download code in zip file Using Proxy  Downloaded   5422 times
  Demonstrates using a proxy server with Java URLConnection class  Date: 4/9/2003

 View code online Ping a server  Viewed   5161 times
  It's not possible to really "ping" a machine to check if it's alive or not (it's a long story, but to keep it short I will just say that the Socket class is not low-level enough for that operation). But we can emulate a ping by talking the "echo port". On a server, the echo port is always port 7. We write a string to that port and the server will echo the string.  Date: 31/7/2003

 Download code in zip file BaltaZZar Chat  Downloaded   5037 times
  BaltaZZar Chat application  Date: 31/7/2003

 Download code in zip file Cat Chat Application  Downloaded   4952 times
  A simple Chat application  Date: 31/7/2003

 Download code in zip file FTP Hack  Downloaded   4957 times
  Java FTP Hack is FTP Login Scanner written in Java 1.3. I think that this program may also works with all JDK version, you must only recompile it. I have written this program to allow programmer to have one FTP Login scanner to use in all operating system that use, and not one FTP Login Scanner for every system.  Date: 31/7/2003

 Download code in zip file TCP for a Random Network  Downloaded   4446 times
  This code shows a simple TCP which has checksum, error control, packet loss and simulation for a random network.You can give the time slice, packet loss, corrupt packet, and random number range. The time slice indicates the time it takes the packet to reach from A_side(client) to B_Side(server), the more the packet loss probability the more packets will be lost before send to the server. The higher the packet corrupt probability the more packets will be corrupted before send to the server. If random seed is high, the range of random number generated will be more. It will be easier for you to trace the program if the range is less. ex: 5. Try to use a timer value about 1000 if you want to send the message from client to server  Date: 31/7/2003

 Download code in zip file Java talker server  Downloaded   4599 times
  JavaTalker allows two people on different hosts to send messages to one another. To use JavaTalker, one user must first start JavaTalker as a server, and then the second user can use JavaTalker to connect to it. The communication port can optionally be specified on the command line  Date: 31/7/2003

 Download code in zip file Client - Server Packet Exchage  Downloaded   4633 times
  Client - Server Packet Exchage  Date: 31/7/2003

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