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 Download code in zip file Mail Express demo  Downloaded   2917 times
  This is only a demo version MailExpress1.0 All the utilities may not work  Date: 6/6/2005

 Download code in zip file Java Mail Manager  Downloaded   2188 times
  The Java Mail Manager (Jamm) is a package for managing virtual mail aliases and accounts. It has multiple levels of access from user to domain administrator to site administrator. Jamm comes with an LDAP schema that it follows. Unlike simliar projects, Jamm only modifies what is in LDAP and leaves some of the "aftermath" file cleanup to the administrator.  Date: 5/8/2003

 Download code in zip file JMessenger  Downloaded   5554 times
  Java Messenger that can send and receive mails in the GUI.  Date: 5/8/2003

 Download code in zip file Send and Receive Mail (in GUI)  Downloaded   5879 times
  Send and Receive mails as that of Outlook Express.  Date: 5/8/2003

 Download code in zip file POP3 Java Class 3  Downloaded   5316 times
  Java source code for a class library that implements the POP3 e-mail protocol.  Date: 5/8/2003

 Download code in zip file Sending mail with attachment  Downloaded   6055 times
  Sending mail with attachment.  Date: 5/8/2003

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