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 View code online Search a particular file or directory  Viewed   2594 times
  This program is used to search for a particular file or directory in a file system.Inorder to run this you need to download the corresponding packages.  Date: 5/3/2004

 View code online Creating and Registering a DataSource Object with JNDI  Viewed   2645 times
  Creating, Registering a DataSource Object with JNDI and using the JNDI to get the DataSource object.  Date: 28/6/2005

 View code online Software Engineer  Viewed   1050 times
  Active directory returns only 1000 results at a time when done an ordinary search. But the there may more that 1000 entries in the directory. The following code snippet helps all of us to query more than 1000 results from the Active Directory using the PageControl extension provided by the same.  Date: 24/10/2004

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