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 Download code in zip file Chess Board game  Downloaded   3876 times
  To connect to another JChessBoard, just click "Connect..." in the File menu. The JChessBoard server will be running by default, unless changed in the "Server settings..." menu. Incoming connections can be accepted or rejected. If you accept the new connection, you can optionally open a new window for that connection to keep the state of your current board. The board will be newly initialised after connecting. Each subsequent move will be transmitted to the other JChessBoard. Only the figures of your side can be moved, the first move decides what side that will be.  Date: 5/8/2003

 Download code in zip file ConnectFive Version1.0  Downloaded   3524 times
  A simple coin game between you and the computer.  Date: 5/8/2003

 Download code in zip file Inter Galactic Battle ships  Downloaded   7926 times
  Inter Galactic Battleships is a two player game, played between two computers, in which players take it in turn to fire missiles at the other player's ships, in an attempt to destroy the other player's ships, and the winner is the first player to destroy all the other player's ships.  Date: 5/8/2003

 Download code in zip file Tail Gunner  Downloaded   9807 times
  Destroy the ships that are coming into your space and win points. A very good game.  Date: 5/8/2003

 Download code in zip file Tic Tac Toe Game  Downloaded   8520 times
  This programme maintains a game of Tic-Tac-Toe for two client applets.  Date: 5/8/2003

 View code online Tic Tac Toe  Viewed   3672 times
  Tic Tac Toe Game  Date: 20/7/2007

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