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 Download code in zip file Medication billing System  Downloaded   6212 times
  A project build up in Core Java for keeping the billings of a medical store in a proper organised manner through the use of Computers.  Date: 9/8/2006

 Download code in zip file Demo Calender  Downloaded   4240 times
  This Source Code Is about a Demo Calender  Date: 9/6/2007

 View code online Viewing txt files on command prompt  Viewed   8748 times
  This is a very simple code. It gets a file name from user and displays the file on the command prompt. A good example for learners.  Date: 9/5/2005

 View code online Get Stack trace into a string  Viewed   775 times
  Get the printStackTrace message into a String.  Date: 9/11/2008

 View code online javascript Replace a token by another in a string  Viewed   3145 times
  java Script Replace a token by another in a string very easy function. replace special character to html format  Date: 9/11/2005

 View code online HttpServlet Mail  Viewed   4725 times
  How 2 send Mail useing the HttpServlet.  Date: 8/9/2005

 Download code in zip file Read/Write MS-Excel  Downloaded   8523 times
  The Zip file contains the source code for reading and writting MS-Excel files..  Date: 8/3/2007

 View code online List of users in the network  Viewed   8226 times
  This code will give the list of users in the network(LAN)  Date: 8/3/2005

 View code online Get hashtable keys from value  Viewed   4276 times
  This class demonstrates how to access database using PreparedStatements in java, storing the recordset in Hashtable and retrieving hash keys using hash values. Suppose this is the scenario in the hashtable KEY VALUE 1 ALEX 2 ALEX 3 JOHN 4 JOHN 5 SMITH Here you have multiple keys for the same value.This class prints the keys related to a single value in the hashtable.  Date: 8/2/2005

 Download code in zip file Count total number of occurences of a String in a text file  Downloaded   6266 times
  Count total number of occurrences of a String and print the line numbers that have matched the user "search criteria"  Date: 8/2/2005

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